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A born Lindener with a passion for designing, fashion, creativity and originality, DemRoc Clothing Inc was founded in 2006. From an artwork design to a dream of a personal brand, led to the reality and creation of a clothing brand with nostalgic sentiments to all that ROC it, with a clear sense of appreciation of the quality fabric. The name derived from two words β€œDEM” Demerara River and β€œROC” Wisroc, a scheme in Linden (Guyana, South America).

We strongly believe that we have a lot to offer in this fast-pasted industry. Many thanks to all those who proudly ROC with us and thank you in advance to those eager to join us on this journey. Beyond the smoke and lights, DemRoc Clothing Inc. is making big strides towards an amazing future. ROC with us and make DemRoc the brand of your choice.